About Us

First, thank you for reading this, and worry not, we won't fret if you decide to skip this and go straight to shopping! 
We are Shade and Nafi, Afropean and Parisian daughter and mother. 
Nafi, my mother, is a trained stylist, half Danish, half Senegalese. Creative, generous, and consistently elegant, she started her career with her own studio in the 80s. She took the advice of Issey Miyake, whom she met when she was a student looking for an internship, and used African fabrics to make elegant and universal outfits.
I graduated in journalism then decided to follow my mother's path, creating a business that would unite our talents and include Africa.
I am a joyful, energetic and enthusiastic person, and I am happy and proud of my mixed origins (my father is from Benin).
So Nash Studio is the story of a legacy.
Our products translate our multicultural lifestyle and our love for fabrics, colors and style.


We created Nash Studio, formerly known as Nash Prints It, to provide easy-to-wear garments Made in Africa.

It all begun with our desire to help African artisans and tailors get the recognition they deserve and a seat at the table.
 We love long-lasting classics and have a serious taste for casual (Shade) and chic (Nafi),
so we design minimalist pieces with attentive care to detail,
 and they are all handcrafted in Benin.
From the start, our production has been executed in Parfait Adekambi's garment factory.
Unlike most African tailors, Parfait had an academic education and tutoring is also an important part of his job.
When it came to making clothes for us, no new training was required.
But we had to start introducing international standards, because Occidental and African trends and working conditions are different.
Nafi taught size grading to Parfait, and supported him through organisation and quality control. I am in charge of designs, prototypes and fabrics. We also brought equipment to the factory.
Parfait shares with us the desire to build a bigger factory where training and skills exchange could take place.
Gradually and thanks to YOU, our beloved customers,
we strive to continuously improve the working conditions of our makers.
 Thank you!