The Story of Collection Else

This collection was inspired by my beloved grandmother, an independent  Danish woman with a beautiful soul and an always-elegant look. 
A joyful, generous and brave role model whom I will always cherish. 
Lis Else was born in the 20s when the pleated skirts shifted from tennis courts to trendy outings. Her femininity blossomed in the 40s and what perfect timing as pencils skirts perfectly fitted her tall silhouette. Then, the 60s brought the mini length. What a delight to see her long legs graced by high waisted shorts. It must have been quite exciting to live at a time when such major evolutions were taking place in fashion.
Anyway, flying skirts, midi dresses, hight waisted pants, everything suited Lis!
I wasn't there to see it with my own eyes, but luckily, my grandmother kept pictures in immaculate photo albums. I often had the feeling of looking at magazine shots from distant times when I saw her in ball gowns and crazy inflated blow-outs or sophisticated banana buns. Let me tell you something: actresses from Hollywood's golden era had nothing on her. With her fine features and gracious yet bold appearance, she was an impressive beauty with a strong personality.  She always adapted her outfits to her environment, without ever compromising her style.
She wore African boubous in Europe as well as in Africa, where she lived at the end of the 50s and for several years. Throughout her life, she often returned to Africa during her life and always wore Wax and Basin with different styles. Cultural appropriation never came to people's mind when they saw this blonde beauty wearing African gowns, because she knew and respected this culture. Whatever outfit she put on, Lis never looked like anyone but herself. 
Collection Else was designed to accompany strong and elegant women of today. Women who like to dress according to their own sense of style whilst respecting their personality.
Women who are sensitive to the quality of the clothes they buy.
To create this collection, I picked some of the vintage cuts Lis used to wear and added thoughtful details to offer timeless pieces with a modern look. I also honored her by combining comfort and style with loose dresses and shirts to be worn on any occasion.
Lis's everyday style was the definition of casual chic. And that's what we do.